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Driver-In-The-Loop simulators for vehicle dynamics engineering

rFactor Pro is being used for driver-in-the-loop simulation by OEMs in North America, Japan and Europe as well as by most of the F1 teams and NASCAR manufacturers.

rFactor Pro focuses on simulators for engineering development of vehicle dynamics and the control systems and active safety systems that affect vehicle dynamics.  This specialised area of driver-in-the-loop simulation is all about closing the loop through the driver and the vehicle model as quickly as possible while delivering a high quality and immersive environment.

rFactor Pro is adapted to the specialised requirements of vehicle dynamics engineering; low latency and high bandwith, offering the fastest video & audio pipelines, an architecture for soft-real-time model execution and an optically correct off-platform vision system optimised for motion profiles suited to ride and handling development.

rFactor Pro offers vehicle dynamicists and racing teams improvements to both productivity and performance in areas of engineering development, setup evaluation and driver training, while saving costs through virtualised testing and low-carbon test programmes.

Run your vehicle models and test your control systems, driver-in-the-loop, every day, in controlled weather and conditions at your preferred test track.


rFpro in the news:

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rFpro Nordscleife 2014 build highlights added to the Media Gallery.

rFactor Pro and Concurrent team-up

rFactor Pro has teamed up with Concurrent, to provide higher levels of fidelity and realism in Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) simulation. 

Ford brings Formula 1 tech to NASCAR

Ford Racing install 5xChannel F1-spec simulator in North Carolina and invite press and senior Execs to demonstration.

Taking the lag out of dynamics simulation

Software designed by rFactor Pro to speed dynamics simulator reaction to driver input for race cars is cascading into the mass production sector.

Just-Auto have published a Q&A with rFactor Pro exploring Simulator Technology

Matthew Beecham of Just-Auto interviews rFpro's Technical Director, Chris Hoyle, on a range of topics around driving simulator technology for vehicle dynamics applications, including chassis and active safety (ADAS).

Automotive World Megatrends report on the performance breakthrough rFactor Pro has delivered for driver-in-the-loop Vehicle Dynamics simulation

Aaron K Warner has written an article in the 2013 Q4 Automotive World Megatrends Magazine, with a report on some of the benefits of using rFactor Pro driver-in-the-loop simulation for Vehicle Dynamics - focusing on the way rFpro reduces latency and increases video-bandwidth to close the loop through the driver more effectively.

AVL Using rFpro for powertrain development

AVL are the worlds largest independent company for the development of automotive powertrain systems.  Erik Bogner Dipl-Ing, Manager for Drivability and Simulation, Engineering and Technology, Powertrains Systems dept. describes how their driver-in-the-loop simulation is being used to assist drivability.